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All you peeps...  
11:15am 03/06/2005
Look guys, I want things to go back to the way they used to be. When we would hang out all the time and just do stupid shit. If you guys know what I mean then lets get over whatever shit is going on and do it. Miss you all... you know who you are.
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The problem with the world today...  
07:04am 03/05/2005
    Well first off, I'd like to say "Fuck Off" (if you know that song your cool).  Many people in the world don't know how it works, or what they need to do to survive in it.  It hurts me when the people you love hate you because they don't know how important it is for someone to "step in" sometimes.  I can deal with hate, can't deal with disrespect.  Everyone can hate me all they want, talk behind my back if your that kind of person; whatever.  But the moment you step across that line and show me ANY disrespect, I'll rip out your throat and break your neck.  Respect is earned, to get it you must give it.  That is the way it works with me.  Most of the time I'm willing to be the first one to give that respect.  My closest friends have seen that.  There are the good friends I have, the amazing girlfriend I have, the people who care.  Thank you, all of you, thank you for letting me be myself; not trying to change me.  In a world where no one cares to listen, and a lot of you don't, you all are the ones that hear me. 

    Everyone has there own problems, theres no sense in causing drama over nothing.  The people that do it are no better then the scum on the bottom of my shoe; you know who you are.  People like you cause people like me to want to forget.  But forgetting is bad, because if we forget then there is no hope for the future.  Mistakes will be made over and over.  I just want you all to know that "sometimes" its important to Step Back from the situation.  Remember that there are two sides to every story, and you are not always right.  Your human, make mistakes and learn from them.  Its our strongest quality.  Enjoy life.

    I was walking down the side walk from the Union to work, and on the ground someone wrote out something in chalk.  "Never be afraid to cross the line".  I will never forget this quote.  It made me do what I had to, I'm taking classes in the summer again.  And I've never been happier.  But never be "afraid" doesn't mean just charge in head first.  You do have to be considerate of the situation and of other people.

    I was talking to my Aunt, and a lot of the things she said to me made sense.  My Grand Father, and My Father saw things the same way.  It's either Black or White.  Thats a good way to live, but to be successful you need to see things in gray sometimes. Not that my father wasn't successful, he just could have done so much more.  I believe that even though I have viewing on the world as my father and grand father did, I can see gray sometimes.  I like to call the "black and white" vision common sense.

    The lack of common sense in the world, particularly in the United States, scares me.  I have never been more afraid.  These days, people would rather ask somebody else to do things then to figure it out on there own.  Simply alarming.

    For those of you who I thought we're my friends, I'll still always be here.  For those of you who hate me, I'll still always be here.  And for those of you who love me,  I'm here.
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Andrea's Results... She needs me... Ha  
07:54pm 16/02/2005

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05:07pm 16/02/2005
Histrionic:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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No presents this year...  
06:21pm 13/02/2005
    There is no such thing as Santa.  There I said it...
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I just made this... What a loser...  
07:20am 12/02/2005
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05:27am 12/02/2005
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Happy Birthday...  
05:20am 12/02/2005
    Today has already been hard to deal with; its only 5:05am.  Thats lame...  It's been along time since I've wrote anything because of the Assholes at Blizzard.  Why did they have to create The World of Warcraft?  I need it more then I need sleep.  So today would have been my Dads birthday; 50.  He didn't even make it though half of his life.  Its lame if you ask me.  Not many people know what its like.  My mom's still around but its not the same, and the sad part is that I don't even know how long she'll be around.  My brother is a waste of sperm, all he does is hurt her feelings.  She needs a life too, and I seem to be the only one that realizes that.  Every treats me like everything is normal now, but its not.  They try to forget so that they don't have to think about it, but I can't.  I have my first scuba class dive today, and then camp out that night.  Then on Monday I am going to Boston.  Be home on Friday.  Its a bummer that I can't stay the weekend but Andrea will get over it.  I will probably go home the week after that.  My mom says shes selling our house.  I like that idea.  Its to much for her; especially since drake wont get off his ass to do a dam thing.  I hope I have a good time tonight.  We'll see though, I might just want to be alone.  Either way I need to do something.  Happy Birthday Dad...
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I'm so bored...  
07:50pm 02/10/2004
    I am so bored...  Last night was Beer Pong and I lost so bad.  It was a round robin at three houses, and two teams from each house advanced to the finals.  My record was 1:3; I lost three matches.  Yes, it was all my fault.  My partner was Jesse Palma, one of the brothers from Theta Tau.  It was only my second time playing but I still should have done better.  The winners we're James Brown and who ever his partner was.  My cousin Chris was with TJ; they lost because after one of opposing players made one cup, TJ picked it up to drink it and as he was lifting it to his face the other opposing player made it in that cup...  When you and your team mate make it into the same cup in one round you automatically win.  It was insane...  I had a blast...  So yeah...
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03:32am 01/10/2004
It was great... Thats all I am allowed to say... It was so cool... Its all good... So yeah...
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